Saturday, 29 May 2010


What can I say about CIVIL CIVIC that could compliment them adequately enough..they're my ringtone, the highest of accolades. I also bought their cassette when I have nothing to play it on, all I can say is, I'm sure it's very good. But seriously they're my favourite band to emerge on the lau-radar in 2010, stuffed full of dirty riffs and bass, they sit in their own genre. Enough noise to bring on a seizure, but if anyone absolutely had to bring on my seizure I'd like it to be CIVIL CIVIC!

Thanks for taking an interest in the Civic Sound.
No fucking around, let's deal with these questions, huh?

First off; How long have you guys known each other and where did you meet?
Well, we've known eachother for about 18 months, since Aaron sent me an email saying "Here is a demo. Do you want to be in my band?"
I said yes.
I think it was the handsome and talented Michael Noga from The Drones who suggested I might be the right guy for the job. Thanks Mike.
We have a great number of freinds in common, from the Melbourne live scene which we both rattled around in for years and years, but somehow we never met back in the day.

Cliche question but it has to be asked J, describe your music in 3 words.
Strange loud fun.

Have you found your music has evolved and changed a lot since you first started playing together?
The band is till very young, so we're still more or less on the stylistic track that Aaron laid down at the outset. We have a very clear idea of what our sound is, and I think that at least until we've put out a full album we're going to stick to our sonic guns.

If you put on a club night, what bands and songs could we expect to hear?
Hmmmm. Aaron would probably want to book a band of drunk 16 year olds playing Slayer covers really badly, which would of course be fine entertainment, but I'd get The Drones to play an epic 3 hour set with extra helpings of feedback and angst, and then get that guy Muscles to deejay for the rest of the night.

With the emergence of sites like hype machine( god bless hype machine) have you found it a lot easier to get your music out there and heard?
Man, we topped the Hype Machine chart last week and got a big spike in our blog traffic out of it, so shit, we're all for that. It's pretty wild, having cut our teeth in the pre-blog era when you still had to press CDs', to be getting our tunes out to people in Austin or Helsinki or Perth or wherever just from the webular activities of fellow music fans, like you!

You’ve recently released your debut 5 track single, which track do you feel encapsulates what the band stand for the most and the direction you want to go in.
Well, not really. The 5 tracks give a good overview of our sound, and if you throw in the new single then the picture becomes more or less complete, but there isn't really one track that nails it all down. Less Unless was the one that people naturally gravitated to, so I suppose that's still our headline song, but it doesn't tell the whole story.

After stalking your Myspace, lucky Europe looks set to witness Civic Civil a lot this next month, have you got any UK dates coming up soon?
We're playing at the Shoreditch 1234 festival in July, and hopefully fitting a couple of other London shows around it. That's all we have on the books right now.

And finally, if you were to sit down and have a natter with one musical icon, past or present, who would it be?
Off the top of my head, I'd say Devo. I reckon I could learn alot about life from Devo (google "Church of the Sub Genius". They were involved in that. It'll fuck with your head!)

For Less Unless, CIVIL CIVIC said to imagine a tsunami hitting a beach party, if your imagination can't stretch that far, then he's a visual aid of hair drawing skills are sublime:

And if you're not satisfied with my drawing, then just watch them perform it live:

Check out the band's blog where you can BUY BUY BUY and DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD, do it.
Run Overdrive b/w Fuck Youth was released by 5000 on 5th July and in the meantime while you count your pennies in order to buy it, here's the stonking Run Overdrive