Saturday, 24 July 2010


Big up to Dom Tiberio, otherwise known as Felt Drawings, who resides in the far off, exotic land of L.A! His experimental/electronic project oozes chill, grit and darkness. The programming and synth is something else and all comes together to create some really special, beautiful music. ‘In my room’ was the first Felt Drawings song I heard through recommendation and at first I was like woah, this sounds like Conor Oberst covering Basic Space by the XX...and I love it, but that was in about the first 30 seconds and from then on I realised it doesn’t sound like that at all and is entirely different and even better.

Here’s Felt Drawings to shed light on life.

Firstly, where are you in the world right now and what projects are you currently working on?

I'm currently living in Los Angeles, California, but I'm back and forth between here and San Francisco. Right now I'm working on a split 7" with a new electronic band, Continues, that is going to be out on Mattress Records. Along with that, I'm putting together material for a full length album. I'd say its about almost done.

How do you find the Los Angeles music scene? Has it been easy to find like-minded musicians?

The music scene is really good. There are so many bands doing different things and tons of shows going on all the time. The downside to that is sometimes it feels like it is hard to book shows because of the lack of venues that are supportive of new music. Besides that, finding like-minded musicians is way easy because of the amount of bands performing these days. A couple of my best friends make electronic music.

I've had 'In my room' on repeat for an unhealthily long time ha how long does the process of writing and producing a (great) song like this usually take you?

Wow, thank you. That is super nice. I think for that song it took me about about a week to write it. Most of the time it takes me a while to finish a song. Close to a month or so but I work on 3 or 4 at a time. Its usually hard for me to commit to a part I've written, so that indecisiveness slows down the process. I also spend a lot time thinking about what should go where in the song, and then trying to figure out how to get that out of my head and program it.

You've worked with artist Cindie Cheung this year, can you briefly explain what was involved in your collaborations?

Yea, Cindie and I met at the San Francisco Art Institute. She was studying abroad for a semester and we took a class together. She would say the most smart and insightful things. I also really, really liked the stuff she was making. When she went back to London she asked me if I'd like to make the music for one of her videos. She would send me a description of what the video was going to look like and of how she wanted it to feel. Then I would make a sketch of a soundtrack and send it to Cindie and make adjustments as she saw fit. Together we have worked on two video pieces and one love song, which Cindie sings on.

What can we expect from Felt Drawings in the near future?

The split with Continues should be out in early September. There are a handful of shows throughout the summer in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Also, possibly a west coast tour late September or October.

And finally in a years time, what would you ideally have liked to have achieved musically?

Musically I would like to have a full length album out as well as other releases. I really want to travel and tour Europe. Maybe produce a song for Too Short.

Cheers Dom!

I urge you to listen to more of his tunes which can be found here available for general merriment. Really, really interesting music!