Thursday, 15 July 2010


Introducing Tom Krell, the German based Lo-fi R&B bro behind How To Dress Well, creating spacey, foggy goodness that's so laid back it's horizontal. A treasure trove of tracks can be found on the HTDW blog with each song sparkling and crackling, culminating in fragmented, trippy tunes. Really exciting music and even more so exciting because the band has dipped toes into the live scene, recently playing alongside Memoryhouse on some British dates.

Firstly, for a bit of context, where are you in the world right now and what are you working on?

right now i'm in köln, germany. just got back from some HTDW shows in london and stockholm, which were SUPER fun. work wise, i've just finished a full length that will come out in september! plus i've got a 7" of brand new tunes coming out on transparent recs this month!

These are exciting times for How To Dress Well, you've made your live debut, 'Ready for the world' has been released and there's a buzz around you (rightly so) how does it feel to get such good feedback and know your music is connecting with people?

oh man, nothing could make me happier. i had no idea this was gonna happen--- then people started responding so positively. i mean, it really feels good because i love these sounds and i made them for everyone to hear them, you know? so it's just a total fucking blast!

How have you found performing live so far?

the live show has been awesome. i think a lot of people think i doctor my vocals a lot and people have been prettty blown away by the live singing--- the live show is really a showcase of my voice. plus i have really amazing live visuals (by the amazing jamie harley, some of which seriously blow my mind and blow people away). i'm really proud of the show and i def think it's worth the ticket price to see, which is something i'm super proud to say.

You study philosophy, do you think this has influenced your music in any way?

umm not really. i mean, i'm a pretty reflective guy, so i do pay a good deal of attention to detail in general--- i think this is evident in the sonic details of my tunes. but i also love to be totally unreflective and unphilosophical and just sing melodies--- in a major way the whole HTDW sound is a reaction against being too cerebral and just letting melodies qua memories come out of me.

What made you choose the name 'How To Dress Well' and can you remember any hilarious/embarrassing names you thankfully discarded before deciding?

no, actually. the weird thing is i was making music in college (mostly noise music and pretty weird compositional stuff) when i decided on the name--- it was the title of a book in a used bookstore by an apartment i had in Minneapolis. it's just stuck with me since then.

In a years time, what would you ideally have liked to have achieved musically?

i just want to keep doing what i've been doing: i want to sing, i want to make beautiful harmonies, i want to sing catchy melodies, and i want people to be moved affectively in interesting, indeterminate ways by the sounds i make. that's what happens to me while i make the songs and when i listen to them--- i just want it all to keep happening. the best thing about the critical support is it motivates me to make something REALLY beautiful. with each recording i feel like i gain more confidence to try the stuff i really want to try vocally and sonically.

Thankyou Tom!

Keep your eyes peeled on the HTDW blog for downloads and news and brand, spanking new songs, I can't recommend listening enough, a real treat for the senses, gonna be BIG!