Thursday, 29 July 2010


Introducing Jeffrey Morisano, hailing from our large (obviously in a geographical sense) friend, America and even more specifically Santa Monica in California, who most definitely deserves the hype under his alias Kissed her Little Sister. His debut album 'High and Low' is an absolute gem; when coming across a 15 track album you might get sceptical and think..some of this has got to be shit. BUT in this case there's quality AND quantity kids and I can whole heartedly say I love every song. The album has a really personal, authentic and raw feel from someone you can tell has a head that is crammed full of ideas and thankfully it has burst into a dope album, full of diversity and layers, equalling some delicious organised chaos. And anyone who samples the Inspector Gadget theme tune with Johnny Cash vocals and Pink Floyd is clearly a genius...yes that sentence is real.

Lovely Jef was nice enough to answer some quick questions!

Firstly for the uninformed and unenlightened could you just give a brief history of kissed her little sister?

Kissed Her Little Sister started on 9/5/2006. I just looked at my myspace page to check my "member since" status, and that is what it says. Several years of posting mp3s began around this time. Earlier this year my friends at the Underground Library ( asked me if i wanted to make an album and release it in book form, and so finally i had some sort of goal in mind with kissed her little sister. And so I made an album and they made a really pretty book for it. And that brings us up to date I think.

What song are you proudest of? (I love paris ain't my home!)

Thanks! The fact that you love it makes me pretty proud, so maybe Paris Ain't My Home wins.

'High and Low' is shaping up to be one of my favourite albums of 2010, how long did it take to create and produce the album?

You're nice. Once the idea to make an "album" came along, I would say it took several months. But this is my first album, so I guess it kind of took my whole life.

I've seen people raving about you all over the blogosphere, how does it feel to know your music connects with people in such positive a way?

If that is true then that is awesome. It mostly makes me feel like making more music.

What artists do you feel have influenced your work and continue to do so?

I listen to a lot of music and study it, so there are a ton of artists that influence me. Over the years, though, the most consistent seem to have been Beck, Rivers Cuomo and The Beach Boys.

And finally in a year's time, what would you have ideally liked to have achieved musically?

I would like to have made an R&B album. And I would like to have played outside of the garage with my band, possibly in front of people

Thankyou Kissed her Little Sister!

The album 'High and Low' is kindly available for FREE download from so there is absolutely no excuse I can think of to not get your mits on it, unless you're allergic to good music or deaf, in that case I'm sorry.

If you've got time, then well done you and here's the whole album...

But if you're in a hurry then you're stupid and here's a taster..