Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Yesterday was Tuesday. But yesterday was also a Tuesday that saw the release of, Ryan Lynch (of Girls!) and Hannah Hunt’s, current lo-fi project, Dominant Legs, stonking E.P ‘Young at Love & Life’. I say stonking, but that sounds too unnecessarily aggressive for a band whose songs revel in the fact that they’re delicate, sugary, charismatic and..not stonking. I don’t even know if stonking is a real word. They’re probably sick of hearing this but they remind me of Belle and Sebastian (which is always a good thing) but this is one of those bands whose songs you listen to and you just think ‘this is soooo nice, isn’t this nice, everyone come and listen to’s really nice’ and I’m peeved I didn’t listen to this while basking in sun on holiday as it would’ve been the perfect backdrop, unfortunately it’s been accompanied by grey and rain and shit, but Dominant Legs help to bring back some much needed colour. Lynch and Hunt’s warm tones melt together and sooth to make this one of the most enchanting, graceful and ‘nicest’ records of the year!

Firstly for the uninformed and unenlightened could you just give a brief history of how Dominant Legs were formed and introduce yourselves?

RL: Dominant Legs was originally the name I gave the music I wrote while playing in Magic Bullets. In early 2009, I left Magic Bullets and

lost my job at right around the same time. I bought a cheap keyboard at Radio Shack and met Hannah after she moved back to San Francisco. We became close friends very quickly and that is how the music of Dominant Legs has come to what it is now.

Dominant Legs is a great band name, can you remember coming up with any alternative, hilarious names that you're thankful you didn't adopt?

RL: Dominant Legs is how I described my friends legs while skinny dipping at Newport Beach. The words stuck in my head. It's basically attractive, powerful legs. We were considering a different name, but weren't able to come up with anything. Matt Fishbeck from Holy Shit sent me a suggestion list of over one thousand!!

HH: When we first started playing together I concocted an elaborate re-naming scheme, but my plan fell-through because I neglected to come up with any alternatives. Now I love the name. I especially love the exchange I have when people ask me to repeat "Dominant Legs" and then they repeat it back to me, just to make sure they've heard it correctly, and we go back and forth like that a few times. It's a very powerful memory-training exercise.

What's been your favourite gig you've played so far?

RL: Paris. It was our first show outside of the States. It was a special night.

HH: My favorite so far was the show at the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco. We had just gotten back from our first mini-tour with Girls and it felt like the real beginning of something.

Which other bands are you really into at the moment?

RL: I've been listening to Bruce Springsteen's Born To Run a lot, Roxy Music, Christopher Cross and Yoko Ono's Season of Glass.

HH: Sade, Beach House, Mazzy Star, Tamaryn– I guess I'm partial to female vocalists at the moment.

In a years time, what would you like to have ideally achieved musically?

RL: A full length record that. That's the main goal right now.

You can grab yourself a copy of their E.P from their myspace, DO IT NOW! They’ve got some dates coming up in September, playing with our British boys Mystery Jets and I really hope to catch them in the future. Now listen to this and tell everyone how nice it is.

Dominant Legs :: About My Girls by Beachtapes

P.S stonking is a word.