Monday, 30 August 2010


The recession is a twat, we know this. But if we can thank it for something, it’s for Real Estate forming. Out of college, with the world as their oyster, the quartet decided to fuck the system and form a band. I know basically everyone is calling everyone lo-fi these days and being pigeon holed can be restrictive, so I’ll just say Real Estate are mellow, soothing and offer a seasonal, summertime feel from New Jersey (lo-fi). They’ve been hyped a lot and have grabbed a lot of attention and it’s much deserved.

They sing about beaches a lot which is good because American beaches are probably nice all year around (apart from when BP shit on them). It’s nice to hear, because somehow the British equivalent of singing about crab infested beach huts, floating tampons and donkey rides in Skegness doesn’t seem as glam, forgive me if you disagree. Nostalgic, laid back music that warms the cockles!

Firstly, for people that don't know, could you just briefly explain how you guys formed Real Estate and introduce yourselves?

Real Estate formed in the summer of 2008, but we'd played music together for years before that. I met Alex (bass) in 8th grade and Matt (guitar) in 9th. We all met Etienne (drums) in Massachusetts, where Matt was going to college, in like 2006. We all played in a band around that time called Lese Majesty, in which we functioned as a backing band for our friend Julian Lynch. After college, we found ourselves back in our hometown of Ridgewood, NJ (Etienne was living in Brooklyn) with nothing to do, so we started a band and named it Real Estate because we were living in houses.

Who did you grow up listening to when you were younger?

I grew up listening to all different sorts of garbage, but one band that we discovered we all loved as kids was Weezer. In high school, Matt, Alex and I listened to pretty much the same bands because we hung out all the time. Stuff like the Microphones, Pavement, the Pixies, Built to Spill, the Strokes, Yo La Tengo. You know. We still listen to a lot of the same stuff, especially because we typically spend a lot of time in vans together.

What's your favourite memory from being on tour?

The time Matt threw up on someone's floor at a house show and then I almost lost all of our money by leaving it on the table at a diner. Maybe that's my least favorite memory...

On your myspace you used to say people could email to request you to play at their house party after shows in their town; did you play at any strange people's houses haha, or were they all pretty fun nights?

Our first tour ever was all house parties and it was probably the most fun tour we've done. We've never really played anywhere that strange. I mean, there tends to be a certain type of person that is willing to have a show in their living room, and they're all pretty chill and welcoming. If anything, we've met a lot of friends in different cities through playing house shows.

Which one of your songs is your favourite to perform? (I love Basement!)

My favorite songs to play are always the newer ones. We just had a practice and learned two new songs and then proceeded to play th

em over and over for hours. It's just more exciting to play new songs than the ones we've been playing for almost two years now. Not that I don't like the old songs, but they get tired after a while.

And finally, what's next for Real Estate, what're your near future plans?

We're taking some time off to write a new album and record some demos right now. We have a 7" coming out on True Panther soon. We're touring with Deerhunter in October, then we're going to Japan with our friends in the band Woods. Really excited about that.

Purchase their lovely music through their myspazzle here.

And listen to this.

Real Estate - Atlantic City by tadpolopoly