Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Local Natives said these lads were their favourite band around right now, which must be a big boost and a view I can echo (obviously this means more!). I introduce Pepper Rabbit, the band made up of Xander Singh and Luc Laurent, which are officially the coolest individual names ever, who’re named after Xander’s rebellious rabbit, Dr Pepper. Luscious melodies, gorgeous tones and use of an array of instruments; (fucking impressive on stage as there’s only 2 of them and drums, bass, clarinet, keyboard, trumpet, ukulele, guitar.. you do the math) creates a colourful, busy, eclectic arrangement complemented by perfect band members who have oodles of talent, charm and commitment who really wanna put on a good show. So far they’ve released two great and new album, ‘Beauregard’, is set to be released very soon , 26/10, with a treasure trove of endearing, compelling tracks delivered by the duo!

Could you give us a brief history of Pepper Rabbit and introduce yourselves?

Xander and I began playing together in Boston in 2006. Xander was writing a lot of songs and I jumped in to play some small shows he had lined up in Boston. We then traveled a lot together with another friend playing shows on both coasts and wound up in India playing a few shows while we stayed with Xander's family. We then transformed what we were doing as Xander Singh (solo artist with friends) into Pepper Rabbit when him and I went to New Orleans in spring of 2008 to record what was to be a solo album.

Tell us a bit about lovely, forthcoming album 'Beauregard'.

Beauregard is a collection of recordings dating from when we initially started the band in 2008--to stuff we've finished this summer. Our band formed when we started recording these songs, so at first that's all we had to identify ourselves with, and since we've grown a lot as musicians but are still really proud of the way Beauregard has come together.

Who did you grow up listening to?

I grew up listening to a lot of alternative rock from when I was 8 to maybe 14. And then I wanted to be really good at drumming so I started trying to play jazz, which I did throughout high school. But at that time I was still listening to stuff that wasn't really jazz, I remember being really into experimental post-rock stuff like Pele and a lot of bands that were on Polyvinyl in the early 2000's.

What're your guilty listening pleasures?

I have a ton of hip hop radio singles on my Ipod such as Fabolous and everything else the Neptunes produced while I was in high school.

Take us back to your first gig playing as Pepper Rabbit, where were you and exactly how shit scared or not shit scared were you ha?

Our first gig as Pepper Rabbit was in New Orleans August of 2008 right before hurricane Gustav was about to hit. We were down there hanging out with our friends who helped record us, and I remember the gig was almost cancelled because everyone was trying to get out of the city. I don't think much of any fear was put in our performance, but our Moms kept calling us trying to find out when we were going to leave New Orleans.

You're climbing up the hype machine chart, thumbs up; how significant are sites like this in getting your music out there and listened to?

I think they're really significant. Although we haven't had too many people come up to us after show and say yah I heard about you on a blog, the more were out there the better it is for us. I really like having our mp3's out there and seeing that people are listening to our songs. It's great to be written about, but it's better to have the readers get to listen to us and make their own opinion.

Have you acquired any odd fans yet (even though fan support, however strange is great of course!) or is that something you've got to look forward to?

It's definitely something I look forward to. We played a show with Local Natives in Tucson AZ which was my favorite show to date. The guys sold the place out and we were the only opener, so all of their crowd came to watch us too. And there was this one maybe 40 year old guy in-front center that was having the time of his life. We found out later that night that he's a lawyer who listens to Local Natives before every court meeting, and supposably they help him win...

Theoretically, if you were gonna put on a club night, what bands could we expect to hear?

If we were going to dj... I have no idea. I've never dj-ed before and I find being the dj a horrifying task. I think I'd have to prepare for a month in advance, maybe have a friend help me sequence something in ableton so I would come off as a fool playing Fabolous and Justified.

And what's next for Pepper Rabbit?

We'll we start a tour at the end of September with Cotton Jones, who I've recently become a fan of. We finish out in New York for CMJ which we're pretty scared of, just because we're thinking it's going to be like SXSW in the middle of New York City. Beauregard comes out on Kanine October 26th which is ridiculously exciting. And then we're not exactly sure of how we're going to finish the year out, but we plan our touring a bunch next year with the hopes that Beauregard is everyone's new favorite album haha.

Watch this space! Pepper Rabbit are my band of the moment. Get your fix here Now see this and hear this pilgrims.

Pepper Rabbit Older Brother by kaninerecords

Pepper Rabbit - Live at PA's Lounge from Extraneous Noise on Vimeo.