Saturday, 4 September 2010


I’ve really rated White Denim for about 3 years and I remember buying their album for my best friend, which means it’s BASICALLY mine, so not technically stealing if I take it back. ‘Let’s talk about it’ and ‘Don’t look that way at it’ are such badass songs and I remember in the funny myspace heyday having them as my profile songs, the highest show of praise a song could get from a 16 year old me. I've read that they called themselves White Denim initially cos they thought it was a shit name, so they thought it'd be better if they started off not liking it, rather than picking a name they liked and growing to despise it, but I really like the name, white and a spectacularly popular fabric, what's not to like? Their music is in your face, brash and explosive; massive, thrilling tunes that make you feel exhausted(but in comparison to the band who’ve actually busted their guts playing the songs, on reflection, not really exhausted) after listening to them and are a big fistful of furious fun. James Petralli also has an awesome voice, howling and crooning making his voice, one of my top 5 favourite voices, the list exists.

What do you reckon you'd be doing if you weren't making excellent music?

thanks laura! i would probably be angrily teaching english in a boring city somewhere and dreaming about making music. i can't imagine not being in this particular band, much less not being able to do it at all. i am sure i would be lost and extremely grumpy without it.

What's your guilty listening pleasure?

a few possibly "unhip" things that i do not feel guilty about loving would be kenny loggins, 90's RnB like silk, tony toni tone, tevin campbell, boys 2 men, or jodeci, elvis costello and burt bacharach collaborations, live grateful dead, the rascals (from the sixties), rod stewart, jethro tull, george benson, larry graham, chico magnetic band, the doors, weird al yankovich, steve miller band, yoko ono, frank zappa, led zeppelin, tiny tim, tay zonday, lil' troy, the spin doctors, reef, soundgarden, the monkees, eric clapton, yes, the cult, animal collective, the doobie brothers, thin lizzy, jesus jones, tower of power, squeeze, culture club, bootsy collins, oingo boingo, donavan, 80's chick corea, u2, tripping daisy, bon iver, justin timberlake, pat metheny, kiss, james taylor, return to forever, the time, weather report, george thorogood, bob seger, ac/dc, and snow. (informer, you no say daddy me snow me i'll go blame.) still jams. the list goes on and on...

Craziest thing that's happened on tour?

we don't really ever get wild on tour. we get into it quite a bit more when we are at home. we are pretty cautious travelers these days.

Favourite gig you've played?

every gig that we get to do in the u.k. is our favorite gig. we can't wait to go back. we are missing it terribly.

And finally, what's next for White Denim, what're your plans?

we are mixing two records this month and into early next month. hopefully they will both get released sometime. we are enjoying our work at the moment. u.s. west coast tour in late october. pumped.

What can I say, we are great here, GREAT britain. So let's hope White Denim come over again soon.

Check out all you need to know about White Denim here and here and watch this space for brand spanking new material!

Look at this.

White Denim "Let's Talk About It" Live @ Mohawk from Transmission Entertainment on Vimeo.

White Denim - Regina Holding Hands by MattyMo