Sunday, 21 November 2010


I can’t emphasise ENOUGH how much love I harbour for Air France and their responses have propelled that love to a whole new level of lurve. They heavily influence my fabric of favourite songs and I’ve been a fan for a healthy few years. 'No way down' is a superb record and the perfect accompaniment to living. Whenever, wherever, they aid a contemplative state of being and paint it with chilled, mellow vibes. Incredible and they make my life that bit better. But I can't really do their music justice, it's a sensory sensation, kaching. Joel and Henrik will now show why they're great..

Where are you and what are you doing RIGHT now? (apart from typing)
Actually, it's monday morning here on the Swedish west coast and the sun just got up from behind the rooftops on the other side of the creek. I'm making plans on how to raise money this week for everything. I have some really good ideas. Henrik is here too, but honestly he's too intoxicated to do his job, and I said "I'm not the moral police, you can to do wathever you want, as long as you do your job, and frankly, right now you're not doing your job at all". He has his suitcase with him, I don't know whether he has been somewhere or if he is leaving.

What kind of music did you grow up listening to and what were the first records you bought?
The first album I really became fascinated with was Sadinista by The Clash, my dad played it as soon as my mother was out of the house. Henrik was only listening to love tapes, a lot of ballads. Seven years old and acting like he was Chris Isaak.

Realistically, what do you reckon you'd be doing full-time if you weren't making such brilliant music and was being in a band always your dream?
Thank you for the kind words. I would probably do something similar, I'm creatively inexhaustible. Perhaps being a poet, writing about love and life. Henrik says that he would play in another band. Some bands make outlandish and expensive demands for what they 'need' before a gig, what do you usually ask for? Mineral water? Fruit? The egg of an ostrich poached to perfection? Once there was this club in a Swedish town that asked what we wanted on our rider and we said we wanted tickets to the local zoo and a a three-day free bus pass and he replied with "Who do you think you are? Fuck off you fuckin fucks". So now we are very humble and just say we need a portable telephone in the dressing room. Plus a nice wine from Alsace and some lover's rock tunes.

Take us back to your first ever gig as Air France, where was it, how were you feeling and what kind of reception did you get?
Festival management pulled the plug, and I got kicked off stage. A lot of misunderstandings. Henrik says he was quite dissapointed with the bass guitar he was playing, but aside from that he thought it was a good performance.

What're your ringtones? ha
My mobile phone is sold. Henrik has the theme from Barbapapa, I think. He is very into French cartoons.

Do you have any really crazy fans and if so what's the strangest thing anyone's done?
We always end up being friends with our fans. Mostly they stop listening to our music, because they think it's weird to stay fans. Sometimes when we are abroad people know things about us, our girlfriends, favourite quotes, our jobs, middle names. It makes me embarrassed and very flattered that people read our interviews and remember that kind of information.

If you could interview anyone in the world past or present, who would it be and what would you ask them?
I wrote a thesis on people who are obsessed with lighthouses, I really want to go deeper into that kind of subjects when I have finished this Air France thing. Henrik just left and took his suitcase with him, I think he said something about Mary Anne Hobbs, but I'm very unsure if it had anything to do with the question.

And finally what're the best things you've done in your lives so far?
Dared to confide in others and reveal my feeling when I'm a little bit lost. The most beautiful part of life is interaction with others, and the courage it takes.

Brilliant!! Get at the Air France MYSPACE and just bloody listen to them, one of a select few bands that can just change your day with one listen.