Tuesday, 2 August 2011


To mark the release of their new album 'Red Velvet Snow Ball', I thought it'd be cool to catch up with Pepper Rabbit since their last interview in September. Their new album is streaming exclusively on hype machine before it's official release and it sounds funky fresh. Have a listen down below and see what Pepper Rabbit have to say about it.

So excitingly, Red Velvet Snow Ball has just started streaming on hype machine, tell us a bit about the album.

I'm happy it's finally being heard! We started writing and demoing those songs in February of 2010, and then went and recorded them last August. We finished mixing the Album last winter, and have been sitting on the final masters since March. So it's been 5 months of anticipation for people to hear it.
The album is more of a collaborative project than "Beauregard" because we started writing after I moved from Boston and into the same house with Xander in Los Angeles. We got to bounce ideas off each other during the writing process instantly . And unlike "Beauregard" this Album was recorded and mixed in a professional studio by producer Ryan Hadlock, at his beautiful hideout just north of Seattle, Bear Creek Studios.

What in your opinion, is the standout track?

My favorite track is the last song "Tiny Fingers" because it nicely sums up a lot of the musical themes and lyrical ideas heard throughout the album. But as for a stand out track, I would say "Murder Room" because it's our most straight up, up beat pop song.

How's your summer been going?

Good. Lot's of resting from our crazy past year in support of "Beauregard," and in preparation for our 8 week tour this fall. Xander's been helping out playing bass and keyboards for our friends band The Chain Gang of 1974, and I've been working with my girlfriend, Kathryn Baar, on demoing her debut album.

What's next for you both?

Pepper Rabbit is doing an extensive tour this fall in support of Red Velvet Snow Ball opening for our label-mates Braids. We'll be all over the U.S. and Canada starting in New York August 31st.