Tuesday, 11 October 2011


You may recall (you won't) all the way back in May last year, I featured a band for the first time. Civil Civic have gone from strength to strength and with the release of their new album, I proposed a catch-up with a metaphorical cup of tea and maybe a biscuit too. Their music can set your pulse into 'overdrive', so if you're elderly, you've had your warning and the anthemic nature of their music makes mundane tasks, such as listening whilst driving your car feel like you're in a police chase or something. The album 'Rules' has been released today, grab it, get it, gain it.

What's going on for you at the moment in terms of projects and where are you in the world?
Right now we're getting ready to hit the road and make noise at people, because we are about to release our debut album, which is destined to become a timeless classic which will be cherished by music lovers for generations. The first single has already been chosen as the official anthem for the 2012 Olympic Games!

How has your summer been? Any standout gigs or festival sets?
Summer was "radical" and "gnarly". Some of our gigs in France were truly historic. Evreux, Bordeaux, Limoges...they all kicked in their own individual ways.
Our set at the Indie Rocket festival in Italy was pretty memorable too. You can read about it here.

Tell us a bit about recent track, 'Street Trap'
It's fast and riffy and has a cool explode-o chorus. It was written for us by the famous Nashville song-smith Roger Murah, who has written ten U.S number 1 hits, including "It Takes a Little Rain" by The Oak Ridge Boys.

Who are you listening to and enjoying at the moment?
The Oak Ridge Boys are at the top of the playlist right now.

And finally, what's next, what does the near future hold?
We're trying to figure that out now. Making a couple of videos and possibly working on new material are two of the things on the agenda, but personally I'll just be grateful to survive this tour.