Friday, 9 March 2012


The genius behind Beat Culture is Sunik Kim and he is genuinely producing fucking phenomenal stuff at the moment and wait for it, he's 17. I posted his most recent track, featuring Steffaloo, a couple of weeks ago, which has garnered much deserved attention. I'm making an executive decision and overruling my usual mantra of 'they're younger and more talented than me...get out.' Seriously, listen to his material, so sick and his remix of 'shelter' by the xx, has just been dropped.

First off, where are you in the world right now and what're you working on?
I'm at school in the States (but I live in Hong Kong), and as of right now I'm not working on anything seeing as I just released a track. So I'm kind of taking a break for a bit.

Could you give a brief history Beat Culture?
Sure, last February I picked up a free trial copy of FL Studio 9 and started making some really shitty songs. Wasn't til around late March that I got Ableton and started making more serious stuff. From that point on it's sort of been trial and error, I learn new things with every song and people have gradually been picking up on what I do. Other than that there's not much really.

Who did you grow up listening to?
Haha this could be embarrassing depending on how far back you mean. In 5th grade I was all about stuff like Green Day, Coldplay knowledge of electronic music was limited to like Basshunter. I know. But in middle school I started picking up on classic stuff, like Zeppelin/Floyd, the Stones/Beatles and Bob Dylan etc. Still had really minimal knowledge of electronic music. And finally once I got into high school I really started picking up on more indie stuff, started out with more alternative/rock stuff like Pavement for example and moved into the more experimental electronic side of things, as well as hip hop.

Tell us a bit about the most recent song you've written.
It's actually been through quite a journey. I made the first draft about a month ago, thought I was happy with it and sort of put it aside. Then, two weeks later, I listened to it again and realized that it just wasn't good. At all. So I scrapped it and started all over again. Usually I spend about 5-6 hours tops on a track, but on this one I spent about 14-15 total over a few weeks, constantly redoing and tweaking and stuff. So I have to say that it's the happiest I've ever been with a song and I'm really glad that people are appreciating it.

What would you say was the perfect environment or situation to listen to your music in?
Turned all the way up on a pair of fresh speakers.

What other artists are you into at the moment?
Recently as in these past two weeks: Shlohmo, Ifan Dafydd, Lapalux, Chairlift, Burial and Hudson Mohawke. I've known about Shlohmo, Burial and Hudmo for a while but I'm just in a phase right now.

Where would you love to tour?
South America would be awesome, I've never been there and it sounds like a ton of fun. Or maybe Siberia.

Finally, what's next for you, future plans and such?
A tour of Europe is in the works for the summer, hopefully that all pans out...even though I've never played a show before so we'll see how that goes. Other than that, since I just released an album I don't have any plans for big releases or EPs, probably just some singles and remixes here and there, possibly some awesome collabs. But you never know what could pop up!