Thursday, 24 May 2012


As a sweltering heat-wave sweeps the UK, what better way to spend it, than cooped up in a stuffy, sweaty library, surrounded by moist bodies and books…and writing sentences with loads of words starting with ‘s’. Desperation permeates the building, a prison binded together by a mixture of fear, nervous pooing and the popular energy beverage, Red Bull.. I’m not even certain that’s a metaphor anymore. It is in these times that we crave stimulation; anything but Foucault. Anything but the hair of a sinister length, on the table next to you, that screams PUBE. Anything but having to small-talk with someone off your course about exams and scaring them with a half-joke about wanting to kill everyone in the library (not a joke). What is the omnipresent, omniscient and benevolent medium that alleviates this odium? Yeah its music, which isn’t really surprising is it, cos this is a blog that talks about music and stuff, sorry about that, should’ve just said it. Anyway this double album by Pears has been like a really strong, robust climbing harness, that’s stopping me from falling into an abyss of mentalness during revision period, but means I can scale around it and abseil into it when I want to, to give me the fear for exams and everything.