Wednesday, 8 August 2012


'With an artist name taken from the Buddhist tree of enlightenment, Bodhi’s sole intention is to build an inspiring and vital back catalogue of groove-based music that pushes house onto exciting new ground.

And just one listen of their first official release makes Bodhi’s potential crystal clear. A-side ‘SY’ is an entrancing rush of sunny, nostalgic synths underscored by the irresistible warmth of a funk-influenced bass line, going all out on joyous old-school house hype. Flip ‘Emanation’ takes a more laid back approach that pays off in a dreamy cascade of breathless, honeyed vocals, given a punchy presence by a determined bass pattern and tightly shuffled drums.

The relentless beauty of these debut tracks from Bodhi gears them towards dance floor euphoria, whilst always keeping losing their touch of class. ‘SY’ and ‘Emanation’ trickle through your aural capacities like sunlight and explode in powerful segments of funk-influenced house. We have no doubt that many will feel the waves of musical enthusiasm that roll off these tracks, and see Bodhi as one of the most fresh and exciting artists emerging in experimental house.'