Friday, 3 August 2012


Japanese band, Jesse Ruins, are really producing some magical stuff at the moment. Celestial, ethereal sounds echo throughout their music creating assured and confident tracks.

First off, where are you in the world right now and what're you working on?

We are in Tokyo, doing this interview. 

Could you give a brief Jesse Ruins history?

Jesse Ruins started as Nobuyuki Sakuma as his solo project. then
released a cassette (already sold out) on Cuz Me Pain (the independent
label in Tokyo), then joined in Cuz Me Pain’s first compilation LP in
the same year. In 2011, Nah joined in Jesse Ruins. After some tracks
picked up on Gorilla vs Bear and etc., we released first 7" on Double
Denim Records. In December 2011, We signed to Captured Tracks and
released EP and are planning to put out first LP. recently, our
support drummer Yosuke Tuchida has become official member of Jesse

Who did you grow up listening to?

Each of us have quite different backgrounds, and so is our taste in music, but also, we have common point so we can get on together.

Tell us a bit about the most recent song you've worked on.

We've been making songs for our first LP!

What would you say was the perfect environment or situation to listen to your music in?

Tokyo, at mid night.

What other artists are you into at the moment?

Hard Corps

Where would you love to tour?

Want to come to Europe and USA.

Finally, what's next for you, future plans and such?

Finishing the album, then going to tour!


Jesse Ruins / Sofija from Nitewin on Vimeo.