Friday, 12 April 2013


‘The Big Sleep’ is the solo project of David Butler, who performs under the name He Is A Pegasus and this stunning new e.p cements why neglecting your local music scene is exceedingly foolish. Manchester/Coventry based, He Is A Pegasus has been playing locally and impressing audiences for the last couple of years, with eclectic, thematic sets that prove his accomplished ability as a performer. ‘The Big Sleep’ showcases the versatility of David as an artist, with each track embodying the range of influences to be found in his music, offering something refreshing, interesting and inventive, rather than something vanilla that seems to replicate itself endlessly (Mumford and Sons ALERT).
The e.p begins with the beautiful, ‘The Big Sleep’, which lulls the listener with gentle rhythms and then gradually builds up to an unflinching, assured climax that eclipses the earlier romanticism. The lyrical composition exudes sentimentality and as a first track it succeeds in encapsulating the layering and deviations to be found throughout the rest of the e.p. ‘Spectre’ depicts a marked shift, creating thumping, sincere electronica that made me think of Hot Chip’s earlier material; it’s bold and shows off the musical proficiency possessed to be able to produce something so intricate and simultaneously arresting. And most importantly, it’s bloody catchy! ‘Atlas’ starts off raw and stripped back and it’s easy to note the quality of song writing and the lyrical nostalgia conveyed; ‘you can’t change my mind this time’ is crisp and devastating, leading to more roaring, anthem-like guitar sections. Personally I think this track would be the most awesome to see live, being able to fill a room with furious guitar sections and then momentarily returning to haunting, unaccompanied melodies. ‘Technicolour’ is a gorgeously crafted track that emphasises the tone of David’s voice –‘I’m just not used to things not fucking up’ seems ironic considering the quality of the song these words are incorporated into. 6 minute epic, ‘Terrapin’ is my favourite track, there are Bon Iver similarities within the whole e.p, but especially in this song, because of the level of innovation and strength of the vocal performance. It’s such a strong track to end the e.p on and leaves on an exhilarating note.
He Is A Pegasus gets the pacing and weighting spot on with this e.p and it’s a superb, confident effort from a musician with an abundance of talent.